We are one big family

We are an extended family, which runs a family business. We do not create that incomparable atmosphere all alone, but only with people who feel the same way we do and who want to inspire themselves and others with positive energy. We are grateful to have found such people: our team.  

We live sustainably

Living with nature, letting nature unfold - that is part of our company philosophy. Almost 40% of our electricity requirement for the Klostermühle is produced by our own photovoltaic system. For 20 years, a wood chip heating system has provided 80% of the required heat. Natural gas supplies the remaining 20%. Food waste from the restaurant is collected and converted into renewable energy in a biogas plant.   

Agriculture and life on the farm are also made sustainable. For in addition to the hotel, Erik Jennewein continues to practice agriculture and cultivates wheat, beets, peas, rape and malting barley on around 200 hectares of arable land. Our flowering strips on the fields ensure the preservation and increase of biodiversity. 50% of the fuel requirements of our tractors are covered with pure rapeseed oil CO2 neutral.   

His sister Carla and her wife Catie deliver fresh herbs, salads and vegetables from their own vegetable farm "Fräulein Lenz" for the restaurant kitchen. The cultivation is done in mixed culture, with green manure and without the use of chemical pesticides.

We have one goal  

We have set our eyes on amazing people, doing meaningful things and do things we are best at: creating precious products and passing them on. To make people happy with them. Entirely appreciating the nature and people. We provide a home for people, a space, where your family, your friends, your business partners can reunite. It is  a social focal point - the Klostermühe.   

"We are blessed- as a guest once uttered on their departure with a smile.    A piece of the Palatinate, where one can feel comfortable and at home."  

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